History for Tomorrow

New wave of dreamers dominates the century, ready to be an epoch.

Armed with their burning passion, Genaration Z learners are prepared for the battle of hopes and dreams. They are more resilient fighters in life this time.

Past generations of youth were noted to cower at their elders and remain silent as it was courtesy. Like them, good manners are also big deal to the youths today but they also come with respect.

Youths of the 20th century were deprived of freedom to express themselves. They should not oppose
what their elders are saying no matter what.

However, just like an evolution, the coming of 21st century has made a change. New set of rules was placed and new rights have been enforced. Much to their privilege, those rights were made to protect the 21st century learners.

Generation Z is eager to learn and discover new things. With the help of technology, it became easy for them to conduct researches and communicate with one another.

They get themselves involved in the interaction of government between its people. They are not
scared to refute people with what they think was right. They are also expressive which helps them build stronger relationships.

The lessons of yesterday made today’s dreamers bolder. Gone were the slaves of their own beliefs. Gone were the cowering youngsters.

Some say that Generation Z babies are wilder. Little did they know that they are dreamers too,
running the legacy the past had left them and making a new history that tomorrow will enjoy.



The Girl Who Defies Carping at Sixteen

It was not easy to live by judgment. It felt like a prison where my hands were chained and my mouth was gagged. I can’t speak of freedom, I can’t live the way I want to.

Having five aunts that were fond of unreasonable criticism and an uncle who was insensitive as well around was horrible. Unfortunately, I used to spend quite my childhood with them in the province, not under the same roof but rather in the same neighborhood. And I could say it was the nightmare I do not want to visit anymore.

Growing up, I was never used on their harsh criticism. Be it on my hair, my fashion sense, and even the way I speak. I was menacingly sensitive that I sometimes wonder why didn’t my heart grow callus over time or why didn’t I become numb. I was always compared to the cousins of my age, the reason why I never liked the idea of having a sister. Fortunately, it was only me and my little brother in the family.

I am not pretty, I am fat and I don’t have the fashion sense. If there is one thing I could be proud of, it’s my acquired intelligence, not the genius type though. But it somehow meets the standard of my relatives. I prefer this trait though. I don’t want to be just a pretty face.

When I entered grade school, it’s like heavens have heard my prayer. My parents decided to live in Manila for good. I was always open to my mother that’s why she knows my sentiment about our relatives.

Everything was going well until fifth grade. It was another nightmare I don’t even want to reminisce. I was bullied. By the whole section I was in, the pilot section. It continued until sixth grade, with the same bullies and more. That was when I broke down. I was depressed. My family knows about it but I didn’t tell them specific details. Whenever I remember that part, it was like a morph was flashed in front of me. The smug looks of my classmates, my relatives’ eyes filled with scrutiny, it was hell.

Since then, I became afraid of people, specifically, judgment. I distant myself from the people around me. In result, I never cared about my social life. And I became extra sensitive.

But then, when I learned about my skills in writing, I felt happy. I found my escape to reality. It’s like my chains were broke and my mouth was speaking flora. Every word I write became an inspiration.

I started from writing poems until I became a Campus Journalist in our school. I joined various academic contests and slowly, I’m becoming to know myself. I was able to discover in the process the girl that was lost inside me, my inner goddess.

Slowly, I’m reviving my social life. I am trying to be friendly and not too sensitive at times. I am trying to live the life that was once wasted over depression. I am still finding myself. I am only sixteen, there’s so much more life has to offer. This is just the start of my journey to self discovery.